Rail Partner Assistance
Questions Relating To Bill Of Lading
Revenue Accounting Matters

New Pricing Requests
Public Rates
Fuel Surcharges

Overcharge and/or Loss &
Damage Claims
Tracey Bray
Phone: 866-812-EVWR, 1, 4424
Email: tbray@palrr.com

Computer Services
Bruce Huyck
Phone: 866-812-EVWR, 1, 4418   
Email: bhuyck@evwr.com
Special Equipment Needs
Kevin McEwan
Phone: 866-812-EVWR, 1, 4337
Hi-Wide Clearances
John Fillinger
Phone: 866-812-EVWR, 1, 4308
Email: jfillinger@palrr.com

For “Overloaded” Cars
John Fillinger
Phone: 866-812-EVWR, 1, 4308 
Email: jfillinger@palrr.com 



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