Cargill Ag Horizons
1000 Old Highway 69 South, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620
Contact: Brent Ridge, Operations Manager
Phone: 812-838-4303
Elevator Capacity: 6 million bushels
Put Through: 40,000 bushels/hour
Track Capacity: 15 rail cars (straight track)                      

Consolidated Grain & Barge
Church Street, Enfield, IL 62835
P.O. Box 312, Enfield, IL 62835
Dewayne Kissner
Phone: 618-963-2316
Fax: 618-963-2870
Elevator Capacity: 1.5 million bushels
Track Capacity: 15 rail cars (can handle unit trains)

Bunge SCF Grain- Wheeler Creek Location

Route 5, Box 328AA, McLeansboro, IL 62859
Phillip Kyle, Elevator Manager
Phone: 618-643-3204
Fax: 618-643-3275
Elevator Capacity: 4.2 million bushels
Put Through: 60,000 bushels/hour
Pull Through: 90 rail cars/12 hours
Track Capacity: 94 rail cars (loop track)
Note: equipped with “compuweigh” weighing system
also at this location:

Fertilizer Transload, Storage & Distribution Facility

Leased to: Wabash Valley Service Co.
909 North Court, Grayville, IL 62844
Don Bierman, Plant Food Division Manager
Phone: 618-375-2311
Dry Storage: 25,000 ton capacity
Track Capacity: unit train unloading capability  

Gavilon Grain LLC
Pillsbury Rd., Mcleansboro, IL 62859
P.O. Box 39, Mcleansboro, IL 62859
Roger Heil, Operations Manager
Phone: 618-643-2337
Fax: 618-643-2699
Elevator Capacity: 1.1 million bushels
Track Capacity: 15 rail cars  

Consolidated Grain & Barge - Mt. Vernon, IN
2801 Bluff Road, Mount Vernon, IN
P. O. Box 548, Mount Vernon, IN 47620
Steve O'Nan, VP Soybean Processing Division
Phone: 812-833-3065
Fax: 812-838-6613
Elevator Capacity: 3 million bushels
Track Capacity: 150 rail cars
Soybean Processing Plant: crushes 80,000 bushes/day
Note:   purchases corn, beans, wheat, milo and some specialty grain

Gateway FS, Inc.
680 North Mill Street, Nashville, IL 62263
221 E. Pine St. Red Bud, IL 62278 (corporate office)
Carl Tebbe, General Manager
Phone: 618-282-4000
Fax: 618-327-4899
Elevator Capacity: 1.4 million bushels
Put Through: 55,000 bushels/day
Track Capacity: 15 rail cars
Note:  state licensed; producer storage available;
handles corn, soybeans, wheat & milo

Top AG Cooperative
702 South Elevator St.
Okawville, IL 62271
Kevin Harthemeyer, Elevator Manager
Phone: 618-243-5293                                                 Elevator Capacity: 2 million bushels
Track Capacity: 52 cars (also nearby 70-car siding)
Put Through: 175,000 bushels for 14 hours

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818 West 2nd St, Mt Vernon IN 47620
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